Introduced at A Level, this topic area explores the business concepts and theories that underpin strategic management and considers why strategy is practised in a range of business contexts from commercial and entrepreneurial to social and not-for-profit organisations. Strategy in business is concerned with the key decisions that are taken to ensure that businesses survive and succeed in the long term. Such decisions often involve initiating and managing major change policies and programmes.

The topic area investigates the strategic management process model of strategic analysis, strategic choice and strategic implementation. The associated strategic thinking and analysis tools that help to frame choices and put resulting strategies into action are also considered.

A Level Content —- Paper 3

Strategic Management>> The need for strategic management
>> Understanding what strategic management is
Strategic Analysis>> SWOT Analysis
>> PEST or External environment analysis
>> Business Vision & Objectives
>> Boston Matrix
>> Porter’s Five Forces
>> Core Competencies
Strategic Choice>> The Ansoff Matrix
>> Force Field Analysis
>> Decision trees
Strategic Implementation>> Business Plans
>> Corporate Culture and strategic implementation
>> Developing a change culture
>> Managing and controlling strategic change
>> Contingency Planning and crisis management

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