This topic area is concerned with understanding the nature and purpose of business activity and identifying the structures, functions, cultures and objectives of different business organisations. Central to an understanding of business and its internal and external environments is a recognition that the world in which businesses operate is in a constant state of change. The impact of political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental and ethical factors and how these might influence business activity is considered. The extent to which businesses can respond and adapt to such change is likely to determine their success.

AS Level Content —- Paper 1 & 2

Enterprise>> The nature of business activity
>> The role of entrepreneur
>> Social Enterprise
Business Structure>> Economic Sectors
>> Legal Structures
Size of Business>> Measurement of Business Size
>> Significance of Small Businesses
>> Internal Growth
Business Objectives>> Business Objectives in the private sector
>> Objectives & Business Decisions
Stakeholders in a Business>> Business Stakeholders
>> Importance and Influence of Stakeholders on business activities

A Level Content

EnterpriseNo content beyond the AS Level
Business Structure>> Local, national and multinational business
>> Multinationals
>> Privitisation
Size of Business>> External Growth
Stakeholders in Business
(External Influence on Business Activity)
>> Political & legal
>> Economic constraints and enablers
>> Social
>> Technological
>> Demographic
>> Environmental
>> Other businesses